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Florence M. Kingsley (1859-1937)
Florence Morse Kingsley was an American authoress, a contemporary of Lew Wallace, the author of "Ben-Hur." Little has been written about her early life; in 1894, when Kingsley was thirty-five, a publisher held a writing competition to obtain the best manuscript that would inspire a child’s faith for Christ. It was in this contest that Florence Kingsley submitted her manuscript for Titus: A Comrade of the Cross. In six weeks, 200,000 copies had been printed to meet demand. She later published two other excellent works of Christian fiction: the sequel to her original entitled Stephen: A Soldier of the Cross, and the epic tale The Cross Triumphant. Though old, through Kingsley’s skill these stories continue to make a beautiful impact in readers' lives.

Books by Florence M. Kingsley

Book Fun Values Age
The Cross Triumphant by Florence M. Kingsley Great Clean 13+
Titus: A Comrade of the Cross by Florence M. Kingsley Great Clean 11-12
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