The Lost Queen

by Frewin Jones
Series: The Faerie Path #2
352 pages, Fantasy
Reviewed by White Rose

Good story, entertaining, but needs discernment about the use of magic.


After defeating the Lord Gabriel Drake, Princess Tania of Faerie makes a promise to King Oberon to find the lost Queen Titania, who traveled into the mortal world 500 years ago to find Tania. Tania, and her faerie boyfriend Edric, return to London to keep their promise.

When Tania arrives back at her London home, she finds herself in a mess having to hide her faerie identity from her mortal parents and friends, participate in her school's play, and look for Titania at the same time. Things get worse when three of her faerie sisters come to the mortal world to help Tania, but to also bring news that the Sorcerer King of Lyoneese has been set free from his amber prison and is bringing torment to the Realm of Faerie. When the Sorcerer King sends some of his zombie like-Grey Knights into the mortal world, lead by Gabriel Drake whom he brought back from exile on Ynis Maw, to hunt down the princesses, will they find Queen Titania in time?


Morality is not 100%, but it is acceptable. Tania lies to her mortal parents about where she was for the three days she was missing, because she thinks her parent won't believe her about the Faerie Realm. She does feel bad about telling the lies, though, and her faerie family keeps telling her she should tell her mortal parents the truth.

Tania also lies to her mortal parents about being at play rehearsals when she is really out searching for Titania. Other than those points, the morality was good.

Spiritual Content

Magic is very present in this story, though most of it is presented in fantastical ways unrealistic to our world. The princesses have special talents such as understanding animal languages, stepping between the faerie and mortal realms, and using music to call help. There is also the mystic arts, great magic that is primarily used for good.

Also, soon after Tania comes back to the mortal world, one of her friends drags her to a fortune teller for fun. Tania doesn't think the lady's powers are real, but Gabriel Drake uses the fortune teller to find Tania and try to pull her back into the Faerie realm.


Tania has a repeating dream that is a little scary, but not really violent. The princesses and Edric have to do battle to escape the Grey Nights a few times. One of the times, Princess Cordelia calls some birds to run interference for the escaping princesses, and most of the birds are killed. When the Grey Nights are slain, they turn to ash.

Drug and Alcohol Content

Faerie cordial is mentioned, but I'm guessing it's non-alcoholic.

Sexual Content

Tania and Edric kiss a few times, but it is nothing inappropriate.

Crude or Profane Language or Content



The story itself was very good. It starts out at a slower pace, action-wise, but picks up once Tania's sisters enter the mortal realm. The magic is mostly presented in an unrealistic way, but there are times when it comes close to bordering between unrealistic and realistic. Where it didn't bother me, I suggest the reader uses discernment in deciding whether it is something they will feel comfortable with or not.

Other than that, it was a good story, very entertaining, and something a fantasy lover would enjoy.

Fun Score: 4.5
Values Score: 3.5
Written for Age: 13+

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