The Faerie Path

by Frewin Jones
Series: The Faerie Path #1
336 pages, Fantasy
Reviewed by Kristi

Good descriptions, but parts of the tale were underdeveloped.


Sixteen-year-old Anita Palmer discovers that she is actually Tania, a lost princess of the land of Faerie, who disappeared the night before her wedding 500 years ago. But why did she disappear, and what about the boy she loved in the mortal world?


Mostly the good guys act like good guys and the bad guys don't. And the one good guy who lies to Anita early in the story definitely pays for it later.

Spiritual Content

Oberon, Lord Gabriel Drake, and Princess Eden all study 'The Mystic Arts,' which are not always portrayed as safe. Sometimes they are depicted as positive, other times not. The book contains magic in general. Anita/Tania is discovered to have been reincarnated several times.


There is a boat crash, nothing graphic, and in the Faerie realm, serious criminals (and others) are imprisoned, awake, in amber for eternity.

Drug and Alcohol Content


Sexual Content

A couple of kisses, and that's about it.

Crude or Profane Language or Content



I liked some of the elements in the book, such as the descriptions of the moving pictures on the walls of the princesses' rooms, but I found the love story underdeveloped. I didn't really care about the relationship between the hero and heroine. Worse, I found the revelation of the villains horribly predictable. That hurt the book a lot in my opinion. I did like that I was able to keep all seven sisters totally straight though. They never blended together.

Fun Score: 3.5
Values Score: 4
Written for Age: 13+

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