by Ted Dekker
Series: The Circle Trilogy #3
400 pages, Fantasy
Reviewed by Korkoa

Incredible book! A must-read, with minimal questionable content!


In one world, Thomas of Hunter has become a member of the Circle, a group looked down upon and hunted by the Hoard. In another, he is trying to stop the Raison Strain virus from devastating the world.


The battle between good and evil is very present in the book, with the evil being very evil, and the good very good. It's easy to find the morals of the book, and they're all very good ones. Subjects like personal sacrifice are very prevalent.

Spiritual Content

As with all the Circle books, spiritual themes are very present. Christianity is represented, front and center, amid a growing hostile world. It has very allegorical themes, but the way Dekker mixes the theology of the two different worlds is very difficult to grasp. Also, God is sometimes portrayed as being desperate to win sinners; while it is true that God is a merciful God and willing that all should come to repentence, this portrayal of desperation is not Biblical. Not all the main characters in our world are believers.


If book one, Black, represents nonviolence, and book two, Red, represents violence, White is right in the middle. There is drowning, a bit of gunplay, a rocket launcher at one point, but there is much less than in "Red". It does, however, continue to revolve around a disease that could wipe out all people. The physical appearance of the enemy people, which is quite abhorrent, is described. Dekker's books are often very dark, and this one continues to have that overtone.

Drug and Alcohol Content

Some of the fruits are eaten for their side-effects.

Sexual Content

Thomas is in love with a woman who is one of the enemy.

Crude or Profane Language or Content

There are several uses of the word 'Whore', used in a degrading way to address the Hoard, who represent the people who don't know Christ.


An interesting addition to Dekker's Circle series with some good Christian parallels and an original story, but with a theology that is often convoluted. For its violence and difficult spiritual themes, this is not a book for children or readers young in their faith.

Fun Score: 5
Values Score: 3.5
Written for Age: adult

Review Rating:

Average rating: 3 stars
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