by L.A. Kelly
336 pages, Fantasy
Reviewed by Jeanne

Interesting plot with shallow characters.


Captured by the same man who killed her husband years ago, Lady Netta struggles to accept and forgive him for what he did. Tahn Dorn, her captor, struggles with his conscience in bringing Netta to his master.


Basically, good is good and bad is bad. Tahn is conflicted and struggling between right and wrong, but otherwise the good characters behave as they ought and the bad characters act as they shouldn't.

Spiritual Content

Netta is a Christian and voices her beliefs often. Tahn is referred to as a 'dark angel' as he serves the Lord Samis.


There is a good bit of violence sprinkled through the tale. Tahn has murdered people in the past and does it once or twice during the tale. There are sword fights and Tahn is threatened with hanging. There is also a reference to Tahn having boiling water thrown on him as a child.

Drug and Alcohol Content

Tahn and his oldest student, Vari, are addicted to opium at one point, a problem addressed toward the middle of the story.

Sexual Content

A man wishes to "have some fun" with Netta and it is mentioned that the bad characters often have relations with captured girls. A little girl insinuates that her father harassed her. Also, later on, a girl and a boy are found together in the hay. This point is addressed by Tahn.

Crude or Profane Language or Content

No swearwords written out; occasionally it will mention that an antagonist swears.


"Tahn" is a story with an interesting plot but cliche characters. Tahn himself started out with an interesting dilemma, but the resolution of it was anticlimactic, though not altogether dull. The lack of imagination in the names of the people and places was also a severe blow to the effect of the tale.

A good point in the story was Netta's strong faith even in the worst circumstance. However, it also came over as slightly unrealistic in that she never seems to doubt God at all - a fact that the reader has a hard time relating with.

The story itself is entertaining the first time through. After that, however, the characters get to the reader and taint the effect of the plot.

Fun Score: 3.5
Values Score: 4
Written for Age: 13+

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