The Two Princesses of Bamarre

by Gail Carson Levine
241 pages, Fantasy
Reviewed by White Rose

A wonderful adventure and a fun read.


Monsters plague the country of Bamarre, and the Gray Death kills even more each year. Princess Meryl longs to go off on adventures to vanquish the monsters and find the longed-for cure for the Gray Death, but her sister Princess Addie is very fearful and begs Meryl not to set off on her quests until Addie is married. But when Princess Meryl is struck with the Gray Death, it is up to the cowardly Princess Addie to find the cure.

With the help of the court sorcerer Rhys and a few magical tools, she takes her quest against ogres, griffins, and dragons to save her beloved sister.


Very good morals. Addie does try to lie to a dragon to try and save her life, but the dragon finds her out.

Spiritual Content

There is a lot of magic, but all fairy tale. This includes such things as Rhys shaping clouds to dancing people for others' entertainment, and forming clouds into blankets and pillows for peoples' comfort.

There are also such things as a magic table cloth and seven-league boots. There are specters which can prophesy, and there are fairies.


Some violence, mostly Drualt in battles with monsters, and a battle at the end. There are a few times where Princess Addie fights off some monsters, and there is an account of a specter leading a person to walk off a cliff.

Drug and Alcohol Content

There is a flower called the moily herb that is used medicinally.

Sexual Content

A few kisses, nothing inappropriate.

Crude or Profane Language or Content



Another beautiful story from the author of "Ella Enchanted". It is an adventurous story of finding courage despite fear. It shows that one does not have to feel brave to stand up to scary things, or to do what one knows they must. Princess Addie is a good example of putting aside our selves to do for those we love.

Fun Score: 5
Values Score: 5
Written for Age: 11-12

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