The Castle of Llyr

by Lloyd Alexander
Series: The Chronicles of Prydain #3
208 pages, Fantasy
Reviewed by Victor

Good read with a very minor magical, fantasy aspect.


Princess Eilonwy is being sent off to the Island of Mona in order to learn to become a lady. While there, she is kidnapped and Taran and his friends must rescue her.

As they discover who is behind the kidnapping they realize that it is more serious than they feared. Eilonwy is at risk of being under enchantment forever and a tool for Queen Achren, Eilonwy's aunt, to rule Prydain.


Good and evil are clearly represented. There are some selfish attitudes but the characters grow throughout the story.

Spiritual Content

As the series is based on Welsh mythology, there is some magic. While it is present, it is not the main point of the story.

Lloyd Alexander was raised in a Christian home, and while he states that he did not purposefully add Christian allegory, some may be found.


There is some sword play and fighting, but none of it is graphic.

Drug and Alcohol Content


Sexual Content

Taran begins to realize he has feelings for Eilonwy, but she is betrothed to someone else.

Crude or Profane Language or Content



As we continue on in this series we begin to see Taran growing and maturing. Once again he faces the evil forces in Prydain, but more importantly struggles with his own selfish desires and choosing to do what is right. Good progress is made as he grows to become a man.

Fun Score: 3.5
Values Score: 4.5
Written for Age: 11-12

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