The Hidden Jewel

by Dave and Neta Jackson
Series: Trailblazer Books #4
136 pages, Historical Fiction
Reviewed by Reviewer91

A great book to teach younger readers about the missionary Amy Carmichael.


John Knight and his mother move to India, where his father works as a British government official. He and his mother meet and befriend an Irish missionary named Amy Carmichael. John is appalled to learn of a young Indian girl who has been rescued by Amy Carmichael (and named Jewel) is a child bride, whose uncle is forcing her to marry a much older man. She is taken away from the mission by the police, who say that legally she must stay with her uncle. Carmichael contests his claim, and there is a trial. John's father is the judge, and rules against Jewel staying with the missionary. John comes up with a plan to save Jewel.


Mr. Knight refuses to help an injured man because he does not want to interfere with the Indian caste system. John disguises himself as another boy to sneak out of school.

Spiritual Content

John and his family are Christians. Amy Carmichael and the others at the Dohnavur Fellowship are Christians as well. Many of the girls at the Fellowship have been rescued from Hindu temples.


A boy is beaten by his family for becoming a Christian. Jewel is roughly pushed/carried away from the Dohnavur Fellowship by her uncle and a policeman. Jewel's uncle sets the Fellowship on fire (no one is hurt). John gets into a fight with another boy at his school.

Drug and Alcohol Content


Sexual Content


Crude or Profane Language or Content

Jim (a boy at John's school) refers to all Indians as 'swamis'.


The series called Trailblazer Books is an excellent way to introduce younger readers to Christianity, or to teach them about missionaries and other Christian historical figures. Through this book, John comes to trust God, and decides to ask Him whether he can do anything to help boys in India come to know God.

Editor's Note:

Some of the historical events are toned down in this story (and in the other Trailblazer Books) to make them appropriate for younger readers.

Fun Score: 4.5
Values Score: 5
Written for Age: 8-10

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