The Immortal Realm

by Frewin Jones
Series: The Faerie Path #4
341 pages, Fantasy
Reviewed by White Rose

Some magic use, but an entertaining story.


It's been three weeks since Princess Tania of the Immortal Realm of Faerie and her sisters defeated the Sorcerer King of Lyoness. Tania feels unbelievably happy. Her mortal parents are visiting the court of Faerie, and her sister Cordelia is getting married. It seems happliy ever after has arrived. Or has it?

On the day of Cordelia's wedding, Edric proposes to Tania, but she refuses him, feeling she isn't ready to get married. After all, she's only sixteen. On top of this, her mortal dad's cold is getting worse, but worst of all, a Faerie baby suddenly dies of a mortal disease. The sickness spreads rapidly among the people of Faerie, even to the Princess Cordelia. The people of Faerie blame Tania's mortal parents for bringing the sickness in, and some are blaming Tania herself, even to the point of threatening to kill her. Now, it's a race against time to find the cause and cure for this new terror. Will Tania be able to help her people? What will become of her mortal life with this new fear?


Mostly good. Tania does disobey Oberon in order to gain help for the sick people, and she lies to the person she's seeking help from, at first, but she gets found out.

Spiritual Content

Magic is prevalent, known as the Mystic Arts, but most of it is unrealistic fairytale type. A healer from another island is brought in, and he tries to heal Princess Cordelia using crystals and stones, but the man and this manner of healing is shown as false and wrong. Edric uses the Dark Arts to follow Tania into the mortal world, but he is reprimanded and agrees not to ever do so again.


Some of the people threaten to kill Tania because they think she brought in the disease. Twice, Tania and Princess Rathina fight off a gang that tries to mug them.

Drug and Alcohol Content

Medical drugs are used to try to heal one of the faeries.

Sexual Content

A couple innocent kisses.

Crude or Profane Language or Content

There are a few uses of h***.


This story is a much lighter tale than a couple of the previous stories in this series when it comes to action and showing use of the Mystic Arts. I would say it's more a bridge between the first three books and the books that are to follow. However, it is still a very entertaining read, and very much a cliff hanger. We also get to see more of the culture and landscape of the Faerie Realm, not to mention more of its history.

Fun Score: 4.5
Values Score: 3.5
Written for Age: 13+

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