by Mari Hanes
150 pages, Historical Fiction
Reviewed by Nienna

Very good book, but some slight violent content and questionable morals.


A historical retelling of the tale of one of America's first princesses and heroines, "Pocahontas: True Princess" brings this young girl and her surroundings to life. Pocahontas is child living in her father's tribe, delighted to be his Favorite Daughter. Things change when white men land on the shores of the Chesapeake, and Pocahontas risks her life to save a white man. Spanning six years of Pocahontas's life, this book is in depth, yet easy to read.


Pocahontas lies and disobeys her father a few times, and this is not always shown as wrong, since she is trying to do right. Other than that, for the most part, wrong actions are clearly indicated as such (for instance, some men are caught stealing and that is dealt with as wrong).

Spiritual Content

The tribe worships the War God as well as the Creator God, and the Spirit Man claims to have powers from him. Superstition plays a role in the story, but in the end Pocahontas becomes a believer in Christ and looks back on her tribe's spiritual beliefs with a Christian perspective.


Pocahontas's brother jerks her ear. Once, she is made to go without food for two days as a punishment. There are two occurrences in which a man is almost killed. A few buildings burn by accident, but no one is hurt. Two children are sacrificed; both scenes are shown in aftermath and not graphically. A man dies of fever. Some men are threatened with death. Many men are killed in a battle. A boy is slain. Pocahontas is kidnapped, but without violence. The Spirit Man curses someone. None of the violence is graphically described.

Drug and Alcohol Content

None that I recall.

Sexual Content


Crude or Profane Language or Content



Very entertainingly written and based on historic events, I highly recommend this book for all ages. It is somewhat fictionalized, embellishing a bit to show how an Algonquin princess might have lived and acted in the early 1600s, but stays mostly within what we know from the English journals and letters about Pocahontas.

Fun Score: 4.5
Values Score: 4
Written for Age: 8-10

Review Rating:

Average rating: 5 stars
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