by Carolyn Ann Aish
Series: The Frencolian Chronicles #3
272 pages, Fantasy
Reviewed by Nienna

Great book but has violent and mildly mature content.


Princess Jobyna has escaped from the madman Elliad and is living peacefully with her brother, the king, in Frencolia. But Elliad is obsessed with getting her back - and taking over the world. To this end he kidnaps Jobyna's brother Luke and royal personages from all the other countries before giving Jobyna the choice to surrender herself in place of her brother.


Though Elliad and his people have no morals at all, this is portrayed as very wicked and the main characters are mostly good and their faults are portrayed as faults.

Spiritual Content

The main characters are Christians so there are many references to God and "the Gospel Book" All of that is very well done and correct.


Many people are kidnapped, including children; people are handled roughly and beaten; a 9-year-old boy's hand is cut off; many people die in battle or are murdered in prison; a main character is severely wounded; and a man's head is treated as a trophy.

Drug and Alcohol Content

Some kind of drug is used to knock a few people out for an hour or so. Wine is drunk, possibly to the point of excess by a few.

Sexual Content

Elliad is obsessed with getting Jobyna back for the purpose of making her his wife and mentions a desire for sons. At one point he kisses her several times and makes her wear a slightly immodest dress. A girl and her fiance kiss.

Crude or Profane Language or Content

None that I recall.


Though this book had many components that would normally make me dislike it (violence, romance, etc.) I am compelled to love it by the wonderful lessons it teaches (mainly trust in God) and the very human characters who are godly Christians but still stumble in their walk. The violence is not very graphic, though it is saddening, and the characters turn to God through it all. The Christianity is very well-written and the relationships between the characters are very realistic and well done, even with the romance.

Fun Score: 5
Values Score: 4.5
Written for Age: 13+

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