Dessert First

by Hallie Durand
Series: Desserts #1
176 pages, Contemporary
Reviewed by bookRacoon

Easy read with a random and funny plot.


Dessert Schneider is someone who loves - you guessed it - dessert. Written in a random fashion, the story tells about Dessert and her desserts. At a few points in the story, Dessert eats desserts (like chocolate bars) that her mom forbids. One day, she eats the legendary Grandma Reine's Double-Decker Chocolate Bars, and this time, she is in big trouble. It's up to her to make it up to her family.


For the most part Dessert and her family are kind and loving, and morals are never really an issue. However, at one point in the book Dessert eats all of the chocolate bars after her mother tells her not to touch them.

Spiritual Content

God is not mentioned in this book; He isn't a big part of the plot.



Drug and Alcohol Content


Sexual Content


Crude or Profane Language or Content



A very random and very easy read. Quite an enjoyable book to read.

Fun Score: 5
Values Score: 5
Written for Age: 11-12

Review Rating:

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