Let Them Eat Cake

by Sandra Byrd
Series: French Twist #1
320 pages, Contemporary
Reviewed by Kristi

A delectable read for those who like food, light romance, and inspirational fiction.


Lexi Stuart has just been fired from another boring desk job. On impulse, she takes a job at a local French bakery, L'Esperance. If she can just snag the upcoming assistant manager job, she'll have enough money to afford a nice apartment; and that's crucial, because her parents, who she currently lives with, are about to move into a retirement community.

But nothing goes perfectly in Lexi's world. In addition to apartment hunting and working in the cafe, there are the complications of Lexi's attraction to her boss, not to mention the handsome lawyer who keeps stopping by. Even with God's help, moving out and getting a life may not be a piece of cake!


The characters generally behave in a morally consistent manner, however I was disappointed in the author's treatment on one point. Lexi, having made a commitment to work at the bakery for six months, still looks into other jobs. That wasn't the problem, as we've all been tempted to break our word and Lexi is clearly human like the rest of us, and struggling with integrity. What disappointed me was the point at which she decides to break her commitment is the very point at which the author rewards her with a blessing. This hit a false note with me. Yes, in life good things sometimes happen when we are doing wrong things, but this is a story about trusting God. I didn't like that God's blessing came while Lexi was in the process of breaking her word.

Spiritual Content

Lexi is struggling to form her own relationship with God, something she's neglected. Her mother attends church though her father does not, and her grandmother attends a Catholic church, none of which feel like home to Lexi.

One of the characters in the story "does her own thing" in regards to faith, mixing freely from different religions and deciding to visit Lexi's church because "Jesus must have been a really nice guy."


Non descriptive mention of date rape.

Drug and Alcohol Content

Lexi and Dan drink Chardonnay with dinner.

Sexual Content

One of the characters was a victim of date rape prior to the story, and this affects her current relationships. We learn that one character broke up with a former boyfriend because he kept pressuring her to sleep with him. One non-Christian character lives with her boyfriend during part of the story.

Crude or Profane Language or Content



Except for the author's handling of Lexi's commitment to the bakery, this was a delightful read. Lexi is an engaging Everywoman, her family and supporting characters are well-rounded and endearing, and the book includes charming clips from Lexi's daily life, such as coupons and apartment ads, plus about five recipes from the book, including Lexi's "Boyfriend Bait Beef Stroganoff." What's not to like?

Fun Score: 4.5
Values Score: 4.5
Written for Age: adult

Review Rating:

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