Gold of Kings

by Davis Bunn
Series: Storm Syrrell Adventures #1
368 pages, Contemporary
Reviewed by Kristi

A diverting read for those who like treasure hunts.


After her grandfather's murder, Storm Syrrell learns that he has left her a series of clues that may lead to one of the greatest treasures of antiquity: relics from the Second Temple. But with her grandfather's killers now targeting Storm, how far will she get? Throw in one Emma, a tough FBI agent; and Harry Bennett, a professional treasure hunter just out of jail, and adventure can't be far behind.


Mostly the main characters behave in a moral fashion, but there is some question about the legality of some of Harry's past treasure hunts, and a goodly amount of bribing takes place at they travel through various countries such as Northern Cyprus.

Spiritual Content

It's clear from the story that Storm's grandfather was a person of faith, and his pastor plays a role in the story as well. In this volume, the main characters just begin to acquaint themselves with belief, something which will presumably be built upon in future installments.


The story contains some hand-to-hand combat and some gun violence, as well as a couple of assassinations. Nothing is particularly graphic.

Drug and Alcohol Content

Vodka and other alcohol is mentioned. Drunkenness is not. There is mention of men smoking hookahs.

Sexual Content


Crude or Profane Language or Content



This was an enjoyable adventure for those who like suspense and treasure hunts. The author has a great gift for being able to evoke a foreign location without overwhelming his reader. My one complaint would be that he does not always share with the reader what the characters know (to be fair, the characters don't always share with each other either). It makes it tricky to follow the logic behind a treasure hunt when you aren't told until later why the character is travelling to a certain location.

Fun Score: 4
Values Score: 4.5
Written for Age: adult

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