shattered Justice

by Karen Ball
Series: Family Honor Series #1
384 pages, General Fiction
Reviewed by Komonio

Some violent content and a few cliche characters. Plenty of Narnia references for Narnia fans!


After the death of his wife, deputy Dan Justice moves to a small town with his three kids. What he doesn't know is that this town is loaded with young criminals. He begins helping a juvenile delinquent named Jayce, but the town's most feared drug dealer is set on having Jayce in his gang, no matter what the cost.


A lot of criminality goes on in this seemingly innocent town. Dan is persistent at helping Jayce, who believes he's destined to be a jailbird like his father. The line that defines right and wrong is clearly shown. Even when Dan is grieving to the point where he says and does things he knows he shouldn't, he amends the wrongs he does.

Spiritual Content

Dan's a Christian, along with most of his family and friends. God is mentioned often, and one of the characters accepts Jesus as their Savior at one point.


Quite a lot of violence goes on. Fights happen a few times, and one kid is beaten up. There are threats made many times in the book. Some people are killed; children are shot.

Drug and Alcohol Content

Drugs are dealt, made and used. Kids find a "Meth Lab" in the woods, and someone drinks a beer near the end.

Sexual Content

A little kissing.

Crude or Profane Language or Content

Swearing is hinted at. One kid prays that God will "show Marlin what a crud he is," and similar prayers.


This book is fun and exciting. There are many cliché characters, and some things are predictable, but it has a fun story line and unforgettable moments. It made me laugh and cry. It's not a read for children, but most teenagers and adults will really enjoy this book.

Fun Score: 4
Values Score: 4
Written for Age: adult

Review Rating:

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