Enoch's Ghost

by Bryan Davis
Series: Oracles of Fire #2
416 pages, Fantasy
Reviewed by the_narniac

Great read! This is for fantasy lovers of all ages!


(Enoch's Ghost, the second book in the Oracles of Fire series, picks up the "Dragons in Our Midst" story where "Tears of a Dragon" and "Eye of the Oracle" ended.)

Walter, Ashley, and Karen ride atop the great dragon Thigocia in search of her long-lost mate, Makaidos, and her son, Gabriel. When Walter and Ashley discover a army of giants hibernating in the depths on the earth, they meet a mysterious girl named Sapphira Adi, who claims to be thousands of years old. Sapphira reveals a sinister plot, conceived centuries ago by Morgan Le Faye and the devil himself.
The giants awaken and ascend to the Earth, prepared to carry out a scheme that threatens the entire cosmos and the fate of other dimensions, and only the dragons can defeat them. The greatest of dangers, building to a climax in three different worlds, meets the power of God's love and sacrifice.


Bad guys lie and deceive to get their way. A father is willing to sacrifice himself for his two daughters. Good is rewarded, while bad is punished.

Spiritual Content

The bad guy in this story is an evil scientist who has figured out a way to cross the dimensional barriers of Hell and Earth together. He also devises a way to create a tunnel between Heaven and Earth so that he can be a mediator for the people.

Walter falls down a hole and arrives in Hell. He and another person are witnesses to a trial that takes place in Hell.

Another boy named Elam travels to a place called the Bridgelands. This place is a connecting bridge between Hell, Heaven, our world, and other dimensions.


Swords. Daggers. Fire. One character wields a sword and cuts off a standing giant's two legs. A father, who wishes the sacrifice himself so that his two daughters may live, rushes into a special tunnel and disappears. His bones are later found where he disappeared. Many people get hit by the giants and knocked out.

Drug and Alcohol Content


Sexual Content

None. Although, Elam finds his old slave driver, Naamah, in the Bridgelands. Later, as they stop for a rest, the group falls asleep. Elam has a flashback dream of the day when Elam was a slave, Naamah invited him to come to her room. Elam grew suspicious, refused, and ran off. That is the extent of that dream.

Crude or Profane Language or Content

None. The "Oh God" and "Thank God" are all true, sincere, two-word prayers.


A great story. This book is definitely for fantasy lovers who don't wish to read the corrupted, evil-wizardry stories. Enoch's Ghost teaches to trust in God's perfect timing.

Fun Score: 5
Values Score: 5
Written for Age: 13+

Review Rating:

Average rating: 5 stars
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