The Angel Experiment

by James Patterson
Series: Maximum Ride #1
464 pages, Science Fiction
Reviewed by Violet Fire Krazed

Fun read; some violent and sexual content, not to be read by young children.


Max (Maximum Ride) and her "flock" of "siblings" are children who have been genetically altered and become partially avian in their genetic makeup. When one of the flock is kidnapped, the rest of the flock go after her, running from the scientists who genetically engineered them to be what they are.

This book is their adventures written out from Max's perspective.


Very loose. These children have practically raised themselves, so they have few morals. They are known to lie when they feel like they need to. In this story, however, the author seems to keep pretty well to the "good guy-bad guy" characters.

In addition, this story does deal with the central theme of genetic engineering - a very controversial topic.

Spiritual Content

None. The children do not go to church and there is no mention of God, except to curse.


A good deal. The children are skilled with weapons, including their hands; however, for whatever reason, they refuse to use guns. It can get graphic in some places, but most of the time it's just generic violence. Most of their fights seem to happen on the street, so they're usually fist fights. It tells you what moves Max uses and how well she beats everybody, but Patterson pretty much leaves it at that.

The bad guys have orders to kill the children, and the latter are on the run from them. One young character is captured and held prisoner by the scientists, who are neither kind nor gentle. These premises can give the book a dark feel.

Drug and Alcohol Content

None. The children don't drink, and nobody else does either.

Sexual Content

Max does have a crush and there is some kissing, though not often. Patterson describes the kissing in detail, however. One thing that you must remember before reading these books is that James Patterson is an adult fiction author, and he's only written a few teen novels.

Crude or Profane Language or Content

There is a bit of this here and there, especially when something bad happens to Max. She has been known to say the "C" word and other such words. God's name is also taken in vain.


This is an entertaining book; it's a fast read with small chapters, and it leaves you wanting more. However, it is not very wholesome or edifying. The central theme is controversial and potentially disturbing, so readers and parents should take care.

Fun Score: 5
Values Score: 1.5
Written for Age: 13+

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