Augustus Caesar's World

by Genevieve Foster
325 pages, Biography/History
Reviewed by Jenny

An excellent, clean recording of history with marvelous illustrations.


Beginning in 44 B.C., Augustus Caesar’s World chronicles life in the Roman Republic, the Mediterranean world, the Far East, and the beginnings of what will be the Roman Empire. Julius Caesar is dead, murdered by his fellow Senators, and the playing field of power is sent into turmoil as everyone makes his bid for the top. And through them all rises young Octavian, Julius’ adopted son, to grasp what his father never got: imperial power and domination of the empire.


As a history, people are portrayed as they acted, morally or immorally. However, this is a children’s history book so all immorality is toned down for the reader.

Spiritual Content

There are explanations about the Roman, Germanic, Persian, and Chinese gods, which are very helpful for anyone wanting to learn about them. There are mentions of priests and priestesses, and toward the end of Augustus’ life there is the advent of Christ himself.


Politics is a violent field. Julius Caesar is murdered, the famous orator Cicero is beheaded. Being history, everyone died eventually, but some met violent ends. None of this is described graphically, but the author does illustrate some pools of blood here and there—certainly nothing major.

Drug and Alcohol Content

There are mentions of drinking. Wine was a very common beverage since water was not always clean enough to drink. Poison is used on occasion to kill people.

Sexual Content

There are mentions of wives and children being born, no more.

Crude or Profane Language or Content



Augustus Caesar’s World is an excellent book for children. The illustrations bring history to life and the writing is enthralling — not a dry stuffy textbook. Foster explains not just about the Roman world, but the entire world during the time of Augustus Caesar’s life. If you don’t want your child to hate history, this is a great book to use.

Fun Score: 5
Values Score: 4.5
Written for Age: 8-10

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Average rating: 5 stars
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