Woman to Woman: Sharing Jesus with a Muslim Friend

by Joy Loewen
204 pages, Biography/History
Reviewed by The Hermit

A good book for learning about other people and how to communicate the Gospel to them.


Joy grew up in Somalia where her parents translated the Bible into the Somali language. After marrying her husband, Ed, she lived in Canada, and later they moved to do missions work in Pakistan. Over these years she realized God was preparing her to minister to Muslim women in Canada, where she now serves teaching Arab immigrants English, explaining Western Culture, and explaining about Jesus when they want to know more about Him. This is an autobiography of her friendships with Muslim women, showing how to reach out to explain the Gospel to Muslims.

(Note: Many names have been changed in this book for privacy.)


Joy and many of her friends are very moral. Joy points to the difference between being moral for its own sake versus understanding the intention of God's law. For example, some women wear the hijab (headscarf) to cover their sins instead of understanding how Jesus' blood can cleanse humans from sin.

Spiritual Content

This book is mostly about witnessing to Muslims. Joy often prays with them for their families and health. Some Muslim women have charms and use fortune telling. Some women have dreams of Jesus explaining the Gospel to them, and dreams are considered important in their culture. There are also some strange events such as one woman being unable to read the Bible even though she wants to. The author tells of the importance of praying for non-Christians as well as speaking with them.


In the beginning of the book, Joy writes how she was scared that her father would be martyred as one of their fellow missionaries was. There are also cases of wives and children being beaten.

Drug and Alcohol Content


Sexual Content

The author states she knows women who have been mutilated to the extent they need surgery, but she does not go into any details.

Crude or Profane Language or Content

Some people do become angry and say others will go to Hell, but the speakers really believe it and are not cussing.


This is an excellent book if you hope to prepare yourself for conversations with Muslims and it helps you understand some important cultural considerations. The book is quite easy to read as is intended to educate Christians to witness and encourage them to become friends with Muslims, but is written so the Gospel is explained, enabling Muslims to read it also.

Fun Score: 4
Values Score: 4.5
Written for Age: adult

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