The Final Storm

by Wayne Thomas Batson
Series: The Door Within #3
320 pages, Fantasy
Reviewed by Luthien

A very captivating book that will keep you turning pages.


With Antoinette locked in one of the cells in Paragor's prison and Prince Aelic of Mithegard suddenly disappearing after being seriously wounded, the forces of Alleble prepare for oncoming war. Back in America Aidan tracks down his elusive friend Robbie and once again sees Gwenne who tells him that he will soon be journeying to Alleble again. As things come together in a series of fast-paced occurrences, the Three Witnesses are revealed in a way that will test their faith in and their loyalty to their King Elaim.


Good is good and bad is bad, but one character has to disguise himself as an enemy soldier.

Spiritual Content

King Elaim represents God. The Sacred Realm Beyond the Sun also represents heaven.


A character has to kill one of the enemy in order to take his armor, two enemy soldiers try to kill someone who they think is a helpless prisoner. Enemy soldiers throw some of their mistreated prisoners to a fiery death in a chasm in their cave, two major battles are fought, a Glimpse is killed in our world after threatening the lives of two boys, several people are consumed by mammoth snakes, large spiders poison people and are killed, the wyrm lord is killed when he is poisoned because he killed a venomous creature, and several characters die. Someone also breaks their wrist. Explosions occur.

Drug and Alcohol Content


Sexual Content


Crude or Profane Language or Content



This book had a lot more violence than the other two, but the violence was not described in detail. The ending is very moving and triumphant. The book itself was well written, but contains several grammatical errors. Sometimes it seemed hard to believe that so much content and storyline could fit into a book that size, but it did, and through it the author was able to make you feel emotions such as humor, sadness, hope, and victory.

This book also demonstrated that, even in dark prisons and hopeless battles, we truly are never alone. It shows that even though we may not understand things fully and may doubt and be discouraged and may have a hard time making the right choices, there is a plan that will be carried out through our lives and an ending that will indeed turn out for good, though you may not be able to see it; for, while evil may appear to triumph, its victories are never final and are never really true victories at all.

Fun Score: 5
Values Score: 4
Written for Age: 13+

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