The Last Song

by Nicholas Sparks
400 pages, Romance
Reviewed by Cheep-A-Reep

Nicely written, but sad, and not Christian and with innappropriate sexual content.


Ronnie is a rebellious seventeen-year-old. Her parents are divorced and she hasn't seen her father in a couple years. She is sent to spend the summer with him and her life feels like a mess, but that starts to change when she meets Will and they have a summer romance. She also learns the truth about why her father really wanted to spend the summer with her.


Ronnie at first is rebellious and disrespectful to her parents. She is just trying to find herself and it's a story about healing from being hurt. Some of her friends are rough. Ronnie's mother is bitter about the divorce and she tries to get back at her ex-husband by lying and telling her kids that he was unfaithful to her, when it was really the other way around. Ronnie's friend Blaze lies about not stealing CDs.

Spiritual Content

Steve, Ronnie's father, talks about God and is involved in the church a little. He is friends with the pastor.


Will and Marcus hate each other. Marcus and his gang get into a fight and Will injures them. Blaze gets burned.

Drug and Alcohol Content

The teenagers have parties on the beach. They drink and get drunk.

Sexual Content

Will and Ronnie share some intimate kisses. A character named Marcus makes an inappropriate scene with Ronnie. Marcus also thinks about all the women he's taken advantage of and who he's slept with. Blaze is said to be lying on the beach with just her bra on. There is also the divorce between Ronnie's parents, and her mother was clearly not a faithful wife.

Crude or Profane Language or Content

There is some crude and mild profane language such as p*****, h***, d***, and the "b" word.


The basic premise of this story is sweet and really shows the true feelings of the characters. Ronnie starts out being rebellious, but learns to love and care for others. Most of all she learns how to forgive people who hurt her. A lot of people can connect with Ronnie because we all get lost in life, but the problem in this book is that Ronnie doesn't turn to God when her life is messed up and she needs help. Also, there is inappropriate content that lowers the values score significantly, and the book is not based on any sort of Christian foundation.

Fun Score: 4
Values Score: 2.5
Written for Age: 13+

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