The Merchant's Daughter

by Melanie Dickerson
272 pages, Romance
Reviewed by Alier

A very good book that I would reccommend to anyone.


Annabel lives a sad life. Her family disliked her, thinking her a wench who doesn't do her share of the work. Her brother finds a way to get rid of her by proposing to marry her off to the crooked Bailiff Tom. But now the new Lord Ranulf wants a member of her family to work for him and Annabel, hoping to escape the unwanted marriage to the Bailiff, takes the job. Will love blossom between the new lord and Annabel?


Annabel is a very upright girl, wishing with all her heart to go to a nunnery. The bailiff's beliefs are most likely not Christian ones, but we aren't told outright.

Spiritual Content

Annabel is a Christian, and frequently wishes to read the Bible, and prays a lot.


Ranulf is injured badly. Bailiff Tom wants to kill Annabel, and he is injured himself. A man tries to kill Tom by throwing a rock. A mob attempts to storm Ranulf's house.

Drug and Alcohol Content

Some wine here and there, but no drunkenness.

Sexual Content

The bailiff tries to seduce Annabel, but she does escape before its too late. Annabel sometimes wishes she could kiss Ranulf. A girl flirts with a man. Annabel is alone in a room with Ranulf, but she is reading the Bible to him. Marriage is spoken of.

Crude or Profane Language or Content

No language.


A very good retelling of "Beauty and the Beast". The violence is decent, with no graphic spots, and the Christian elements are very strong. Well-suited to its age range.

Fun Score: 4.5
Values Score: 4.5
Written for Age: 13+

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