A Tale of Three Kings

by Gene Edwards
100 pages, Religion
Reviewed by Lily A.

Part theology, part Biblically inspired fiction.


The author considers humility, authority, and the abuse of power among God's people by mixing theological contemplation and fictionalized or re-imagined pieces of the lives of Saul, David, and Absalom.


Morality is good. The may seem a little bit pacifistic at times - is there never a time to oppose a "Saul"? - but the author has Biblical reasoning behind his ideas.

Spiritual Content

Judeo-Christian morality and Old Testament Biblical stories are at the core of this book. There is also a passing reference to "consulting witches," in the light of 1st Samuel 28.


Spear-throwing, battle, and rebellion are spoken of; also being chased by dogs, and difficult living conditions while David was an outlaw. The story of a bear's attempted attack on David's flock is related. Surgical cutting is used as a metaphor.

Drug and Alcohol Content

A passing reference to "the town drunk."

Sexual Content

None remembered or found in a cursory review.

Crude or Profane Language or Content



It is difficult for me to write a conclusion, because this book has meant a great deal to me. The author has warmed my heart, made me think, given me hope, and challenged me to a better life before God on repeated readings. How do I lay that out in a book review?

Mr. Edwards originally wrote and dedicated his book for "brokenhearted Christians coming out of authoritarian groups," but I believe that there is something here for other Christians, also, whether you are looking at it as a discussion of Christian authority, or as a tender and somewhat poetic retelling of a Bible story.

I am trying to think of caveats, and am hard pressed to do so. It is possible that this might rub someone the wrong way, depending on what kind of situations they have had in their life. Other than problems coming from a subjective approach, the only thing I can think of is a bit of artistic license in a conversation between God and an angel towards the beginning which may be taken as the author expressing a debatable view on pre-existence of souls.

Fun Score: 3.5
Values Score: 5
Written for Age: adult

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