The Christy Miller Collection, Vol. 1 (Summer Promise / A Whisper and a Wish / Yours Forever)

by Robin Jones Gunn
Series: Christy Miller #1
178 pages, Romance
Reviewed by White Rose

An excellent book for girls, practically a must read.


Fifteen year old Christy Miller is spending the summer with her Aunt Marti and Uncle Bob in Newport Beach, California. At first she has a hard time making friends with the beach kids, but after a makeover things seem to start looking good for her. Her aunt and uncle buy her anything her heart desires, and she's gained the friendship of some kids. But she soon realizes that all the "things" she's gained are causing more trouble than good. How can she stop feeling like she's spinning out of control? How can she start being herself, and not what everyone wants to make her into? Does the surfer boy, Todd, and his other Christian friends have the answer in their relationship with God?


Very high. Purity and living a Christ-centered life are some of the main themes of this book. The kids who don't live moral lives do receive consequences for their actions.

Spiritual Content

A lot. Todd and his friends are all Christians and they talk to Christy a lot about giving her life to Christ and becoming a Christian. Christy prays a few times.


One of the kids at the party Christy attends tries to body surf while high, and crashes into the jetty.

Drug and Alcohol Content

Christy attends a party where it ends up kids are drinking beer, and some kids are smoking marijuana.

Sexual Content

A girl Christy meets and a non-Christian friend of Todd's leave the beach together, implying an encounter, but it is not said out right, and Christy, in her innocence, doesn't realize it.

Crude or Profane Language or Content



I love this book, and all its following books. The central theme is giving your heart to God and loving Him forever, and growing in Him while growing up.

All the characters are real enough to be your friends in real life, and the situations Christy finds herself in are real life, too. In this specific book, Christy finds herself struggling to try to fit into a crowd that's different from what she's used to, and starting to like a guy, all while trying to figure out who she is. That's a very real thing.

Christy is an excellent role model for girls, showing to make the right choices, and follow God.

Fun Score: 5
Values Score: 5
Written for Age: 13+

Review Rating:

Average rating: 5 stars
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