Island Dreamer

by Robin Jones Gunn
Series: Christy Miller #5
180 pages, Romance
Reviewed by White Rose

A wonderful story with a wonderful message.


Christy Miller is very surprised and excited to find out she's going to be spending her sixteenth birthday on Maui with her family, Todd, and her friend Paula, who is visiting from Wisconsin. After all, what could be better than spending a week on tropical beaches? But not all is well in paradise.

Christy can't help but notice that Paula has changed a lot, which causes several arguments between them. Especially as Paula set out to get Todd's attention the moment she laid eyes on him. What happened to being best friends? And, when Todd gets hurt, Christy will have to face her fears and take a drive that's more like a leap of faith.


Very good. Christy and Paula do fight a bit now and then, but, after they calm down, they apologize. Purity is shown as right.

Spiritual Content

As in the previous books, a lot of praying, scripture quoting, and spiritual discussions.



Drug and Alcohol Content


Sexual Content

Paula is determined to lose her virginity, as she feels she is the only virgin left in her school, but Christy and Todd encourage her to wait for her future husband.

Crude or Profane Language or Content



All people, from teenagers on up, are faced with the trials of jealousy and pressure to have sex before marriage. This book talks about the reward of waiting until the wedding night. A beautiful thing Christy does in light of that view, is to start writing letters to, and pray for, her future husband.

This book also talks about handling change in friendships, making future decisions, and overcoming our fears, all with God at the center.
The story is engaging, and all the descriptions of Maui are beautiful, and make you feel like you can really see them.

Fun Score: 5
Values Score: 5
Written for Age: 13+

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