the Knowledge of the Holy

by A.W. Tozer
Reviewed by Jeanne

An amazing look into God's attributes, including His sovereignty, holiness, mercy, and love.


In this day and age (and in the 20th Century in which Tozer lived), Christians are easily daunted by such books as Augustine's "City of God" or Anselm's "Cur Deus Homo," or any large theological work at all, really. That was part of what prompted Tozer to write this little book, so that it might be something easily read and not daunting, yet deep and true. It's a primer on the attributes and character of God, a classic for any believer wanting to know more about his Creator and Savior.


Tozer takes the stance that says Man is inherently evil (The Doctrine of Total Depravity), and has been ever since the Fall, but God is good, holy, wise, just, sovereign, and all the other attributes revealed in His Word. Man can do nothing to save himself, and only God has the power to do so.

Spiritual Content

This is a theology, so it follows that it has a lot of spiritual content! It is all Biblical, however, and Tozer does not in any way belittle God or put Him in a box. He is careful to state often how infinite God is, how He is infinitely beyond our total comprehension, and how He is inherently perfect.

Angels and Satan are also mentioned occasionally, but they don't get a lot of press. This book deals mainly with Man's relationship to God, or God's relationship to Man.



Drug and Alcohol Content


Sexual Content

Nothing, save for Tozer's stating of how the Church is the Bride of Christ and how we are set apart for Him.

Crude or Profane Language or Content



A.W. Tozer reaches into the depths of God's infinitude and brings up brilliant pearls for Christians to see in this inspiring little book. In every page he glorifies God for all His attributes - justice as well as mercy, holiness as well as love - and expounds upon them, making them clearer and more wonderful. "The Knowledge of the Holy" is a reminder of how great and awesome our God is. Whether read in a group setting or in private meditation, this is definitely a worthy read.

Fun Score: 5
Values Score: 5
Written for Age: adult

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Average rating: 5 stars
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