The Red Pyramid

by Rick Riordan
Series: The Kane Chronicles #1
544 pages, Fantasy
Reviewed by GollumGirl

All in all, a great, fast-paced book with tons of adventure and suspense.


Carter and Sadie Kane have grown up apart ever since their mother died. When their father takes them on a family trip to a museum, he releases five Egyptian gods from an ancient artifact. The worst god, Set, captures their father and is now after Carter and Sadie as well. The siblings must set out on perilous journey to save their father, and maybe save the world along the way.


Cater and Sadie, being siblings, are constantly teasing each other, but no one's feelings are badly hurt.

Spiritual Content

There is lots of magic and magicians, along with the fact that most of the characters worship the Egyptian gods and goddesses. They also talk about the underworld, where people go after death.


The characters are constantly in battles against monsters and evil gods and such. Most battles use magic in a non-bloody way, but Carter often uses a sword.

Drug and Alcohol Content

Wine is mentioned.

Sexual Content

Carter has a crush on another character, Zia, but other than that, none.

Crude or Profane Language or Content

"Oh my god" and variations of the same are used.


I thought this was an amazing book full of humor and adventure. If anyone has read Percy Jackson or any other books by this author, you will surely love this. However, some parts might be too fast paced for some people, and there is of course the more obvious problem of having a book centered around the Egyptian gods. As with the Percy Jackson books, some readers may be uncomfortable with the polytheistic world these novels - though obviously fantasy - still present. Discretion should be applied.

Fun Score: 4
Values Score: 4.5
Written for Age: 11-12

Review Rating:

Average rating: 5 stars
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