The Mystery of Providence

by John Flavel
221 pages, Religion
Reviewed by Jenny

An excellent treatise on the work of God in the life of men.


Nearly every Christian struggles with knowing God’s will, of understanding why God does what He does, and what God’s will and subsequent actions mean for the believer. Convinced of the necessity of understanding the providence of God, the author covers aspects of this great mystery in his treatise.


Morality is held in the strictest light. Flavel does not hesitate to condemn sin as dictated by God’s word, and he is always eager to expound upon the righteousness of God.

Spiritual Content

Considering the subject matter, The Mystery of Providence is heavily spiritual. While dealing at times with practical things, John Flavel covers such topics as the regeneration of souls, the preservation of the saints, meditation on God’s providence, as well as the fundamental aspects of God himself: His holiness, His justice, His mercy, grace, and love, etc.


The author references sicknesses at times as they relate to God’s providences. It is mentioned that a man is considering taking his own life. The passion of Christ is mentioned.

Drug and Alcohol Content

Medicines are referenced.

Sexual Content


Crude or Profane Language or Content



It is widely believed that Puritans were dry, old men that were difficult to understand. I was pleasantly disillusioned by John Flavel’s marvelous little book. Apart from the reading being easy to follow, though never trite, I found the subject of God’s providence to be excellently handled, and the author's observations and conclusions to be enlightening to my soul.

In a systematic fashion, Flavel first lays down the groundwork for the reader, surrounding the reader with all the evidences of Providence that accompany the saint day to day throughout his life, even from before conversion. With these proofs, he then compels the reader to a deeper and more coherent meditation of Providence, and how, consequently, the saint’s observations and conclusions are to be applied to daily life.

Though ordered, Flavel is never dull. His book throbs with doxology to the Most High. Masterfully and humbly, he brings the reader to the conclusion that not a moment of the saint’s life goes by that God did not specially shape for his good and God’s own glory.

Note: The Mystery of Providence is a work published by The Banner of Truth Trust, which has a vast number of other wonderful books.

Fun Score: 5
Values Score: 5
Written for Age: adult

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