One More Sunrise

by Al and JoAnna Lacy
Series: Frontier Doctor Trilogy #1
329 pages, General Fiction
Reviewed by Cheep-A-Reep

A great Christian medical western book with lots of adventure, excitement, and Christian witnessing.


Follow Dr. Dane Logan as he saves lives both physically and spiritually with the Lord's help. Dr. Dane always relies and trusts the Lord, especially in finding his own medical practice, a wife, and in stopping the dangerous Tag Moran gang, who have been successfully stealing money from many banks in the West. When Dr. Dane unintentionally makes the Tag Moran gang angry, they seek revenge on him, but Dane learns that God always has a plan.


Dane, his family, and many friends of his are Christians. Throughout the book, they witness, forgive, and are well respected among the townspeople. The Tag Moran gang robs and murders people. In the end, they're punished for what they did and they knew all along that what they were doing was wrong.

Spiritual Content

A lot of the characters in the book are Christians, and they witness to other people; other characters are saved, also. Many passages of Scripture are quoted.


Since this book is a western and the main character is a doctor, there's shooting, medical emergencies, surgeries, fights, and deaths. The book doesn't give a lot of details about these, except for characters bleeding badly or showing signs of pain. All of the people are treated to the best of the doctor's knowledge. There's a saloon fight which involves punching and violence, but it's not too detailed.

Drug and Alcohol Content

Some of the men drink and get drunk at the saloon.

Sexual Content

There is kissing and hugging between many couples in the book, but it is not vulgar at all.

Crude or Profane Language or Content

There is no crude or profane language. There is some reckless behavior from the gang and some men in a saloon.


If you're looking for an encouraging book about trusting, being patient with God, and witnessing, then you'll love this book. It takes you back to the Western Prairies of the 1880's. I recommend this book for readers who enjoy Westerns and contemporary Christian novels.

Fun Score: 5
Values Score: 5
Written for Age: adult

Review Rating:

Average rating: 5 stars
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