Along Came a Cowboy

by Christine Lynxwiler
Series: The Pinky Promise Sisterhood #2
303 pages, Romance
Reviewed by Cheep-A-Reep

Nicely written story with good life lessons.


Dr. Rachel Donovan has been trying to forget her past and live her life as normally as she can, but when her niece Jennifer comes to her door looking for answers, she finds her past harder to keep hidden. Will her terrible past relationship with a cowboy hinder her relationship with her niece and new lover, Jack, who is, coincidentally, a cowboy too?


Rachel made a big mistake in a past relationship and knows it was wrong, but she also knows that God has forgiven her. There are many Christian in the book who set very good examples and there are also others who aren't, like a girl named Sheila who lies about being pregnant and takes advantage of people. "The truth sets you free" and "Think before you act" are two great lessons/morals taught in this story. You never know how much something will affect you, your life, or someone else. This story shows how much Rachel's mistake affected her life, relationships, and family.

Spiritual Content

Rachel, her family, and friends are all Christians. They pray and read the Bible. Jack and Dirk are also strong Christian men.


Jack mentions that he gave a man a bloody nose and a black eye. There is also dangerous rodeo bull riding, but injuries are not mentioned. A man is bitten by a snake and the bite is severe.

Drug and Alcohol Content


Sexual Content

There is passionate kissing between Jack and Rachel and also between Jennifer and Dirk. One relationship in the story goes too far and there ends up being a pregnancy. Because Dirk and Jennifer are young, Rachel is protective about making sure that they're not alone together and won't do something they'll regret, but both are trustworthy teens who know right from wrong.

Crude or Profane Language or Content

Jack calls a man a blaggart. Jennifer shows reckless behavior by climbing onto a rodeo bull.


This is a book that many people may be able to relate to, carrying the theme of self-acceptance after forgiveness. We all do things that we regret and sometimes it's hard to heal from that mistake, especially when it involves and hurts other people that we love. This is a story about healing and setting mistakes right as much as possible. By being freed from that burden, you can live your life freely. The story does, however, have some themes that may make it inappropriate for young readers.

Fun Score: 4.5
Values Score: 4.5
Written for Age: adult

Review Rating:

Average rating: 5 stars
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