by Roald Dahl
240 pages, General Fiction
Reviewed by bookRacoon

Great read, with questionable morals from the Wormwood parents and MissTrunchbull.


Matilda Wormwood is a gifted genius and a sweet girl. Her family, however, isn't so sweet, and would like to get rid of her. When her school principal, the evil Miss Trunchbull, goes after the one person who cares for Matilda, her teacher Miss Honey, Matilda develops the power of telekinesis and uses it to set things right.


The Wormwood parents are negligent and a bit verbally abusive. Mr. Wormwood reverses the mileage for the cars he sells; Mrs. Wormwood plays bingo excessively. Miss Trunchbull hates kids and has dreadful things like "the Chokey," which is a closet with glass shards and knifes sticking out of the walls. Also, an atmosphere of revenge is fostered.

Spiritual Content

Instead of asking God for help, Matilda uses her psychokinetic powers to help Miss Honey, herself, and her friends. Matilda is meant to be a sweet and loving girl, though.


Miss Trunchbull's treatment of her students is child abuse; the students' parents don't believe their kids because their stories sound far-fetched.

Drug and Alcohol Content


Sexual Content


Crude or Profane Language or Content

Her parents call her mean names; the words are not written out. Miss Trunchbull probably has a foul mouth, too. The word 'twit' is used as an insult.


This story is by Roald Dahl, a genius storyteller and writer. Keep in mind that the bad guys' are not evil because of such actions as shooting people or the like; their "mild" abusive lifestyles are what make them hateful characters.

Editor's Note:

Those who enjoy C.S. Lewis' children's stories may find this book a little offensive as the author, through Matilda, takes a slight jab at Lewis' works.

Fun Score: 5
Values Score: 3
Written for Age: 11-12

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