Princess Hyacinth: The Surprising Tale of a Girl who Floated

by Florence Parry Heide
48 pages, Picture Book
Reviewed by Kristi

A delightful book, winningly told and illustrated.


Princess Hyacinth is quite a normal little girl--apart from being a princess--except for one thing. She floats. Unless, that is, she is weighed down by a heavy crown and royal robes. Each day she watches, tied down to the window seat, as the neighboring children play outside the castle, including one little boy who has painted his blue kite with a crown in her honor. Will Hyacinth ever find a way to have fun without feeling weighed down all the time?


All of the characters behave well. Even though Princess Hyacinth's parents are a little repressive, they're doing it for her own good...you wouldn't let your only child float away, would you? As for Princess Hyacinth, she is obedient to their wishes even when she finds it uncomfortable, and is launched on her adventure not through defiance, but by accident.

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Sexual Content


Crude or Profane Language or Content

Princess Hyacinth goes about in her "Royal Underwear" in several parts of the story, this being the clothing light enough to allow her to float. The underwear consists of a sleeveless top and a pair of bloomers and is not revealing (and Princess Hyacinth appears very young and has no figure to speak of).


"Princess Hyacinth" is a delightful book. While at first glance it is reminiscent of George MacDonald's more serious tale "The Light Princess", "Princess Hyacinth" is a more lighthearted (pardon the pun) spin on the concept of a floating girl who finds a friend to help her with her problem. I found the tale itself enchanting, and the accompanying illustrations by Lane Smith are a sheer delight.

Fun Score: 5
Values Score: 5
Written for Age: 5-7

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