Wind Chill

by Jerry B. Jenkins
Series: Red Rock Mysteries #14
228 pages, Mystery
Reviewed by Ariel_of_Narnia

A good continuation of the mystery series with good spiritual truths.


Note: Co-authored with Chris Fabry.

Bryce and Ashley Timberline are pumped about competing in a speech competition, and the college campus they're staying on even has skiing opportunities. Once Ashley discovers that one of the college girls is missing, though, the twins set out to find her.


Bryce and Ashley root the other kids from the school on, regardless of any personal feelings. They show concern for the missing girl. Bryce is scolded for having left the dorm after dark without permission and he does not wish to annoy his teacher again when someone invites him to go down an off-limits trail. He also takes responsibility for two others when they're stranded by a storm. He also forgives (surprisingly enough, part of that advice comes from his non-believing stepdad). Ashley defends her brother when he is accused of something absurd.

The disappearance is certainly not for moral reasons.

Spiritual Content

Bryce and Ashley are Christians and, especially in this adventure, they pray a lot. Their little brother Dylan's conversion experience is recounted. (As he is young and doesn't fully understand, we don't know the complete truth of his prayer.) Ashley and another girl have solid conversations about spiritual matters. Bryce has arguments with another girl regarding Christianity, but he does hope that she'll believe. A speech about separation of church and state is recorded word-for-word.


Bryce thinks he sees a body in the back of a car.
A young man tells Bryce about two lone women who felt they were being followed; the car described by both was found abandoned and empty except for a bloody knife (this is merely a story being mentioned in the book). A car accident is witnessed (no one seems to be too hurt). Another results in non-serious injuries. A girl asks if a figure in a bed may be dead. Bryce and a girl get lost and nearly freeze while skiing in a storm. Another girl gets cornered by an elk. One of Bryce's friends seems to have hurt his foot while skiing.

Drug and Alcohol Content

Two characters unknowingly drink drugged water. Ashley discovers a pill container marked "sleep inducer".

Sexual Content

An unmarried couple (college kids) hug and kiss.
Bryce has an odd crush on a girl mainly because of how pretty she is (not in a sexual way; he considers only her face). Another girl likes Bryce. Ashley remembers how she had been unintentionally hurt by the guy she's sweet on.

Crude or Profane Language or Content

Bryce really has to relieve himself at one point and his thoughts are thus: some people joke about guys writing their names in snow, but he feels he could write the preamble of the Constitution.


This is a great mystery and it has a great wrap-up. But even more important than the storyline are the deeper parts: Bryce's act of Christian confrontation and forgiveness and Ashley's openness to share her God and her faith with a girl who calls herself an agnostic.

Fun Score: 5
Values Score: 5
Written for Age: 11-12

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